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Unfortunately in the world of dog breeding and training you encounter times when it's best to let one of the dogs go on to another family, this is unfortunate for me and fortunate for you. Most of the time it's a dog that has had many hours of training and is now in its youth/prime and transitions easily into the next home. All of the hard work has been done. I retire my girls at a young age (under 4 yrs of age) and sometimes I will take on a project dog that I change my mind on and let him/her go. Dogs that I have available on this page are healthy, socialized, love children, may have basic commands, they are accustomed to using a leash, a crate, and have been in the car and are friendly with strangers. They are accustomed to household noises, children, cats, and other dogs. All of my dogs are free fed (eat when they want, no food aggression). Please contact me via phone call on these guys as they are part of my life and not a puppy that I had the privilege of raising for 9 weeks.  


Jiminy (pic below)
My beautiful Jiminy (Jiminy Cricket) is ready for a new home now. Jim just turned 3 yrs on January 16, 2020, so he's a young boy. Jim is a beautiful black and white small standard Poodle 42 lbs. Jim has a very solid temperament, he is bold and confident. He can be very serious at times (similar to a working dog personality), but he can also be silly/clownish. He loves to play with tennis balls and will happily play fetch, though he is not demanding of it. He likes all sorts of toys and won't miss out on a play opportunity if you feel like playing. He loves to be groomed and will happily jump up on the grooming table or lay in your lap while you brush him. He is affectionate and enjoys being petted. He is very social and likes everyone, but he will bark when someone is at the door. He is a hunter outside (only squirrels, not cats), and he is a quiet hunter (he doesn't bark at the squirrels). His temperament is harder to read due to his calm, quiet, and serious side, he is a thinker/problem solver. He is potty/crate trained, free-fed, and trustworthy with strangers/kids/dogs/cats. He uses a harness for taking walks. He has his health testing completed, clear/negative for PRA, PRCD, DM, and VWD. He has already been neutered. His hormones are gone, his past girlfriend wanted to breed and Jiminy could have cared less, he is no longer interested in girl dogs. He must have a home with a fenced in yard. He would also enjoy a home where he's the only dog, but he would be fine with a girl friend (not a home with another male dog). It's not that he doesn't get along with other male dogs, but if he had an overly dominant male dog as his house friend I could see where they could challenge each other. The most ideal home is one that is structured and can keep Jiminy on a schedule. I am a very scheduled/structured person and he does best with structure, as most dogs and people do. I'm in the process of interviewing families to find the best placement for him. If you would like to be considered you will need to call me, expect a long conversation, after the conversation I will text/email pics/videos of Jiminy. Then, once you have viewed the pics/videos, I will schedule for you to visit. I will not release a retiree on the first time of meeting them. I want you to visit, meet, and then sleep on it. This type of decision shouldn't be rushed. If at any time a retiree isn't working out I will refund the full amount and take my baby back.
To learn more about my upcoming retirees just give me a call (706)-994-1678
If I don't have exactly what you are looking for call me, there is always a retiree in the near future. I do my very best to match temperament with the family, so I will want to hear about you and your family and your expectations in wanting an older dog. Also, if you have very young children (5 and under) you might want to rethink the idea of adopting an older dog. I have small children and older dogs, raised together, but adopting an older dog is completely different from raising a puppy to adulthood.

I have pics/videos I can send, just give me a call and let's talk (706)-994-1678