Big Doodle Dreams, LLC.

Robin Crubaugh Ed.S.

59 Deerwood Trail Road

Blairsville, GA 30512


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A deposit of $300 holds a puppy until it is time for you to visit, meet puppies and parents and choose your puppy (6 weeks of age). When a deposit is received the puppy is marked as sold and is no longer available to anyone else. A deposit is non-refundable. Extenuating circumstances that prevent a puppy from going to their new home at 9 weeks of age will be considered and a deposit can then be used toward a future litter/puppy. Please understand that if a puppy is held, expecting to go home at 9 weeks and the person changes their mind, then the puppy is left behind while his/her litter mates go to their new homes. This makes it hard on the puppy and forces me to find a new home for the puppy at a time when the puppy should be going to his/her new home.

Deposit of $300 is not due until the litter is born, has grown for 2-3 weeks, and is cleared by my vet. At that time I contact everyone on the list to discuss puppy choice and the deposit is due at that time. Puppies older than 3 weeks require a deposit to hold, but please understand that puppy selection takes place at 6 weeks and later.


All of my adult "breeding" dogs are registered, the American Kennel Club AKC for my Standard Poodles, Australian Shepherd, and English Springer Spaniels that create my first generation cross and since the AKC doesn't recognize Aussiedoodle or Sproodles as individual breeds they are registered through the Continental Kennel Club CKC. I will sell my puppies with registration papers if you are wanting a puppy for breeding purposes. If you want a puppy for breeding purposes you must disclose this information and we can discuss a breeding contract. The price for a puppy with registration papers and a breeding contract is $2500. If you are just simply questioning the blood lines or background and wish to learn more, please ask, I love to talk about my dogs.



**** From time to time I drive down to Florida to visit my family and can bring puppies with me. Delivery charge is $150, much less expensive than sending a puppy on a plane and much safer.****

Delivery can be done several different ways. My personal preference is local pick up or meet part way. I like to know where my puppies are going and prefer not to cause them too much stress during this transition. Airline shipping is an option, but it is an additional expense. The flight usually runs around $300, but then you have the purchase of the crate ($40-$50) and the health certificate ($30). I frequently ship puppies using Delta and I have shipped a puppy as far away as Israel. So far I have not had any issues with flying puppies, keep in mind my airport is Atlanta and almost always it is a direct flight. Another option that is becoming more and more popular is that you (the new owner/family) will fly into Atlanta, I meet you at the airport and then you can board the return flight with your puppy in the cabin. Some breeders are using a ground transport, I have only used this method a couple of times (both times the puppy was fine, unaffected by the trip). There are pro's and con's of all delivery methods, you have to weigh the options and go with what works best for you.

Due to my family dynamics and disabilities, travel has become more and more difficult for us. I ask that you drive to me, visit my home, parent dogs, and puppies. If you need to meet part way, please expect to pay a fee as I may have to hire a driver. Current cost for a trip to Atlanta (180 miles round trip, 4-5 hours of drive time with no traffic) is $100.


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