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Silkie Guinea Pig

Cavies/Guinea Pigs

As life has gone on for us, my boys have expressed an interest in caring for and raising their own pets. While they are involved in helping with the dogs and puppies, they are not doing the raising, general care, and training. They wanted a pet that they can actually care for independently, and something that likes to be held, they also prefer quieter pets. After much investigation I decided to try Guinea Pigs, I had never owned one as a child, but my husband did and he loved his. We started with a few Guinea Pigs (registered), all long haired and unique. Now two years into Guinea Pigs my boys have begun to have a few babies from time to time.

While Guinea Pigs may not be a dog or a puppy they are a great pet for a family that isn't sure if they have the time for a dog/puppy. A Guinea Pig can make a great starter pet for an older child that has been begging for a dog. A Guinea Pig could also be used as a Therapy pet for a counselor, or a teacher. Guinea Pigs will sit in your lap while you watch a movie, they will eat from your hand, and they squeal when you enter the room. They are relatively easy to care for with simple diet requirements. They are not nocturnal, they sleep at night and play during the day. They typically don't bite, in the two years that we have had Guinea Pigs my boys have only endured two bites (both of which were accidental). As you can see from the pictures, they are fairly large and typically reach 2-3 lbs. We have three varieties of Cavies, Silkie, Texel, and Peruvian, all are long coated. A Silkie Cavy is straight coated with no rosettes, A Peruvian has 6-8 rosettes, and a texel is curly coated.

Our Guinea Pigs have been wonderful for the boys, and maybe they are a consideration for your family. I prefer to have them go as a pair of same sex friends. The adoption fee for a single Guinea Pig is $100, or $150 which includes a Guinea Pig, cage, water bottle, and food bowl, Additional Guinea Pigs are $100 each.

RETURN POLICY; Should you ever decide that your Guinea Pig isn't working out, whatever the reason might be, you can return the Guinea Pig(s) and receive a 50% reimbursement, even a year later.

Below you will find pictures of the Guinea Pig parents. If you would like additional pics or if you would like to schedule a visit just give me a call (706)-994-1678